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What does N95, KN95, FFP3, KF94 masks mean

First introduce KN95. The letter KN stands for Chinese standard, which is made in China. If there is a V at the end of the number, it means that the mask has a breathing valve. The number 95 is the protection level. The filtering efficiency of the mask filter material to particulate matter reaches 95%. The larger the number, the higher the level.
Secondly, we introduce our commonly used N95 masks. The letter N stands for American standards, and the number 95 is the protection level. The filter material of the mask has a filtration efficiency of 95%. "N" also means that it is not resistant to oil, and it mainly filters non-oily particles, such as dust, acid mist, paint mist, and microorganisms.
FFP3 masks, the letter FFP represents the European standard, and the letter 3 is the protection level. European standard masks are divided into FFP1, FFP2, FFP3. FFP2 masks are equivalent to N95, and FFP3 has a higher protection level.
KF94 mask, the letter KF represents the Korean standard, the letter 94 represents the protection level, KF94 is not for medical standards, and its effect is slightly worse than that of KN95 masks.
The order is FFP3﹥FFP2=N95=KN95=KF94. Masks cannot be worn blindly. They must be worn according to their protective performance. For example, to prevent new coronary pneumonia, it is sufficient for ordinary people to choose medical surgery. Wear N95 masks in dangerous places.



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